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Elementary school display

Posted by sam labombard on Monday, February 11, 2013,
Hello everyone,
This weekend was tough one for the north east, I hope everyone is safe and warm. I spent part of the weekend starting a little project with my 5 year old son for his school. We began the lay out of a standard Periodic Table chart on cork board. I plan on using pure samples for elements that are safe. I also plan on using a mix of compund and photos for other items. It is a great basic review exercise to build small child friendly displays. I am excited to piece the display toge...
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finishing the site

Posted by sam labombard on Tuesday, February 5, 2013,
Hi Everyone,
after a long 6 months away I have vowed to finish this site and devote time to the elements for dorks. I have had a few emails asking me to get back to it, thank you guys. Moving to a new house and haveing my son in school has been a big distraction. My son Nelson has been enjoying school and brings in samples to share in his K-1 class. Nelson and I will build a small display and I will include real samples to donate to his school. Hopefully some kids will find inspiration. I am h...
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About Me

Hi! I'm Sammy, This is my blog for my site, The Elements for Dorks. I am here to show photos my own element collection, and maybe share some useful information. I am happy to build the Free element photo gallery and information site. I have a passion for certain hobbies, I like High Voltage, and build Tesla coils, Marx generators, Van De Graff, Whimehurst, Voltage multipliers, and other fun stuff, I had my first microscope at 11, and my first chemistry set at 12. other than the elements, I collect empire coinage, marbles, rocks tattoos and whatever weird stuff comes along. I have a Industrial science degree in Marine Propulsion Technology. I enjoy tinkering so working with engines, wires, and fiberglass is just fun for me. I have worked as a boat electrician, and fuel and ignition tech on OMC outboards (Johnson and Evinrude) at a warranty service shop. I also have worked as an activities director in a high acuity convalescence facility in Florida. A few fun things I have done is create a couple educational puzzles, and also I enjoy woodworking and painting. Thanks for stopping by!