Hello everyone.
I had the fortune to obtain a very large 99.999+ 17 pound Chromium target. The target has been used, and what is left is a very beautiful surface. the surface has the look of being sand blasted, or frosted. there is also an interesting wavy line running the length of this sample, The piece is long rectangle shape and thick. I will be posting photos but want to get a nice light for the pictures. These types of targets are used for optical industry. The Chromium is removed one atom at a time, and is deposited on another item, in super thin coatings. Some industrial uses require coatings measured in atomic layers, such as 20 atoms thick, That's pretty thin. One common thin film coating application is the Indium touch screen application. The Indium is "sputtered" with ions causing the Indium to shed atoms, from the back side of the target. Some processes use magnetron, plasma and also radio particals. once these atoms are shed, they can deposit on another item one atom at a time, Uses include optics, semi conductors, computer components, and many other high tech applications. In some sputtering applications only a small percent of the shed atoms deposit on the item intended. Indium is used for TV and touch screens, and much pure Indium is lost in process, This Indium can be recovered and recycled. As new technology advances forward, waste will be far less of a factor in this industry. I'm happy to have this awesome pure heavy sample, and its a bonus that the piece is such a good example of the thin film industry.