Hello everyone!

Today I uploaded a few new element pictures of rocks and minerals. I got my hands on a really fascinating coal sample called peacock coal. the rock has a interesting texture and colors. Coal is a sedimentary rock of fixed carbon from long dead bio material like peat. Back in the day plant life grew for millions of years in fair climates. Carbon in the atmosphere fueled massive growth of these plants, which fixed tons Carbon. Carbon is fixed when it is trapped in the organic matter. When the organic matter is buried and put under pressures and heat over time, we end up with fossil fuels. This process took millions of years to happen. Modern civilization uses fossil fuels for everything. Coal produces much of the energy for electricity, and some factories have coal fired systems. Coal is responsible for so much of what we have accomplished, yet few people today put thought into coal. I remember growing up in the final days of a factory town in Massachusetts. I saw coal on the railroad tracks, around old buildings and factories. We used to collect small buckets of coal and give it to our elderly neighbor who still had a coal burning heater. Coal was used to build what we have today. This is another way Carbon is so important to human life. Check out the photo on the Carbon page.