Hello everyone.
Just wanted to update everyone on the new compounds I have on the way! I have some nice U sulfate, U Fluoride, Th Carbonate, and U Oxalate on the way. These exotic compounds will soon be shown in the element collection gallery pages.
I have a few small minerals in the works too, borax to represent Boron element. Native Copper nuggets that will make awesome photos of the Copper element. Finally I will have the rare earth mineral xenotime photos up soon. One of my collector friends has decided to trade orpiment for vanadinite, and the gallery will soon have vanadinite photos as well.

This weekend I plan to create Iodine vapor to photograph for the collection. The element Iodine has a beautiful purple vapor when crystals are heated. I hope to snap a few shots of this material for the gallery.  A new Photo for Silver is on its way, I still like the coinage photos for Silver. The element is abundant in my Spanish colonial coin collection. I have viewed a very exotic sample of black Phosphorus, which is starting out at 300USD for only 0.5g. The sample is stunning, but quite expensive as the allotrope is uncommon. I hope someday to add the black Phosphorus allotrope to the collection.
Take care everyone.
Thank you for visiting my site!