Hello Everyone!
Spring is here, and people all around are having yard sales. When I have a few extra hours and dollars I like to check out yard sales for interesting items. Old microscopes and chem labs, oddities people have no clue what it is may be a treasure for a dork like myself. I have recently found a nice old sears microscope in the case, fully intact for 3.00, I also found a magnetic "rock" someone had in a thumbnail mount, label said NWA, I would bet that is genuine meteorite material from someones collection. I always enjoy the radioactive stuff too! Clocks, pottery, marbles and glass wares. I have found other fun stuff too, old miner lamp fuel for a nice Calcium sample. old carbon batteries, and lots of interesting tubes. Old spark gap tubes sometimes contain Cobalt and Nickel isotopes.
So if your area is having spring yard sales stop by and find some cool old science gear! You may be surprised what you can find for only a couple bucks!