Hi everyone!

I was just talking to a collector friend about using mineral samples for element displays. Some people collect elements in different ways. I know one collection of elements used in spark plugs, and other ones used in goods bought in common stores. It is fun to look at different ways to collect the elements. I like pure samples, and go to great length to get them. Pure samples can get pricey, especially when you want big samples. Oxides and compounds are also fun to collect, some oxides, or nitrides. and others are very beautiful. Lately I have been admiring some minerals I see, I have seen some very pretty minerals such as vanadinite, orpiment, pyrite, molybdenite to name a few. I have few mineral element samples. I do have a nice photo of orpiment as Arsenic in my site, I do have As metal in a lock box in storage.
I am planning on building up a small collection of element samples with minerals. Some native metals like Silver Copper, Gold, Platinum can be found, as well as Sulfur crystals and coal as Carbon. The pure native elements can be stunning, and worth the efforts to put into a collection. I found some ores like xenotime can represent more than one element. In the case of xenotime, it is a pretty crystal that can cover most lanthanides, or rare earth elements. I am beginning this phase of collecting elements because it is not very expensive, and there are many rock and mineral dealers out there with great materials. As time goes by look for photos and information on some minerals bearing certain elements.
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