Hello everyone,
This weekend was tough one for the north east, I hope everyone is safe and warm. I spent part of the weekend starting a little project with my 5 year old son for his school. We began the lay out of a standard Periodic Table chart on cork board. I plan on using pure samples for elements that are safe. I also plan on using a mix of compund and photos for other items. It is a great basic review exercise to build small child friendly displays. I am excited to piece the display together and plan on using very tiny samples and bond them with epoxy. some samples for the display will include Zirconium, Niobium, real Silver and Gold, even a small piece of palladium and Platinum is ready to go. I always have a good feeling when I can help anyone learn and become interested in science.
Working with my son on this is fun, he is interested and asks a lot of questions. He has understood for a while elements are ppure materials and has once corrected a fellow students parent. This led to a slightly embarrasing moments as the parent looked at my son as if to say "how dare you correct me" LOL I didn't bother to engage and left quick. I hear many times there are four elements or that elements are minerals or rocks. I am happy to see my son interested and begin to understand, I also am happy to help students learn what the periodic table is.
Have a nice monday tommorow and keep tuned in!