Hi Everyone,
after a long 6 months away I have vowed to finish this site and devote time to the elements for dorks. I have had a few emails asking me to get back to it, thank you guys. Moving to a new house and haveing my son in school has been a big distraction. My son Nelson has been enjoying school and brings in samples to share in his K-1 class. Nelson and I will build a small display and I will include real samples to donate to his school. Hopefully some kids will find inspiration. I am happy to report that Ebay, which banned U328 sample sales for a while has once again allowed pure Uranium sample sales. Expect to pay 100$ a gram for that U238 metal on Ebay. I noted also element collecting has become more popular, and some rare earth metals are also on Ebay for decent prices. Many dealers online have HTF items as regular stock as well. I will write up a solid list to find fun stuff like Gallium and Indium at fantastic prices. Sadly I had to sell some of my big samples to help settle us into our new home. I hope someday to resume adding to my collection but for now, I have to focus on other stuff. Stay tuned for a few tips on where to find great samples at great prices, and also fun info as I resume working on the site.