Hello everyone,
I wanted to let everyone know I am packing up my equipment and samples until I move in to my new place. I will have a nicer place for my lab!
So I wanted to respond back for Radium, sorry I didn't follow up right away. Radium is one of the unstable elements, extracted from Uranium ore. Radium is scarce, and seven tons of Uranium ore will produce 1 gram of the metal. Radium in metal form is a white alkaline earth metal. related to Calcium, strontium and Barium. Radium is more than a million times as radioactive as Uranium by mass. Radiation is measured in units determined by the number of disintegrations of 1 gram or Radium per second.3.7x10 to the 10th per second is a Becquerel.
Radium can be found in the form of paint, on watch faces, and hands, as well as clocks, knobs and dials. The people who first did the work with paint, were harmed by this material. people thought this new element was good for your health when it was discovered. tonics and potions, medicines and rubs made with Radium were popular, that is one time you would be glad a crook sold you fake stuff lacking the key ingredient! Radium was also used in smoke detectors and some other electrical applications. X ray devices and radioactive devices used Radium. Radium is so rare that in 1954 the known pure processed Radium on the globe was around 5 pounds!
Radium is a possible treatment for certain cancers, and has been used in this type of treatment in the past. Radium is similar to Calcium and can insert itself into bones if it enters the body. Radium is very radioactive and tolerances for ingestion are in 10th of micrograms.
Radium decays into Radon gas, and has a half life of 1601 years. Radon has a half life less than 4 days, and decays to Polonium. Polonium is not a good metal to have inside the lungs, so inhaling Radon isn't a good idea. Keep Radium either airtight, or vented outside. I triple seal my watch hands and clock numbers and imagine a Radon sample. If you are thinking of Radium then antique stores with a UV light is where to go!. A good windup alarm clock in a hard case with a intact glass can cost about 8-24 USD My 2 cents is buy the intact unit, then bag it in a double zip lock.
Radium paint has been replaced, shortly with Promethium, and now Tritium, an Isotope of Hydrogen. well thats it for this time. Take care and have fun!