Hello everyone.
I just uploaded new photos of the long awaited Iodine experiment. I have taken 2 grams of pure Iodine crystals and vaporized them in a 11000ml flask with a blowtorch. the result was a beautiful violet gas, and some bonus crystalline structures on the nipple of the vent piece.
I have some new Selenium in red allotrope powder form, I still have not received a packet with the elusive red Selenium crystals, but I have found a new chemist friend who works with exotic compounds, you can see some of those on the  Uranium and Thorium pages.
I have decided to purchase soon a microscope with software and take photos with that. perhaps by mid summer I can replace some of my armature photos with some finer works. When I discover Iodine crystals had formed in such nice formations I felt It is time to appreciate this work more.