Hello everyone.
Wow what a busy month! I am officially buying a new house, and its hectic at work and at home. I have all my samples packed away for now, but excited knowing with in 60 days I will have a nce new permanent lab to work with. I can soon work with samples, and experiment, and take better photos. I know some of you out there were probably wondering what has happened. I have just been too busy and unable to keep up with my passion for the elements. Soon I will be able to work with all my favorite gizmo's, whatchamacallits, and doohickies. LOL
I do have one fun report, on Lead oxides and paint. I have known for many years about Lead paint, and have bought a older home. Most of the paint tested negative for Lead, then I found on some very old boards lead based paint. fortunately the paint is intact, and I have coated the paint with a heavy sealing paint. later I will be able to deal with the lead If It ever needs to be disturbed. Most hardware stores will sell swabs with chemicals that react with the Lead. These test kits are great for home owners curious about lead paint. Lead was banned in the seventies. I remember hearing about Lead paint all the time. Kids sometimes eat paint chips. I am glad my son wont even eat candy off the floor let alone a paint chip. If you live in an old house or apt. and have peeling paint, you can test the paint for just a few bucks.