Hello everyone!

After a long weekend with limited Internet, I am excited to get back to the elements for dorks web site!
I have some new additions posted. New Americium photos.  New Polonium Uranium, Thorium, Technetium, and Actinium pictures. I have found a nice set of Tantalum crucibles finally and I am soon planing to load those pictures as well. 
The new compounds I have are Uranium Hydrates. they are fantastic samples in gram or less size. sealed and labeled from a reliable dealer on EBay. I never open these types of samples, but I can detect the signature from the material and verify it is "hot".

I want to answer a question asked of me here in the blog. First I appreciate compliments always!  however, I can not, and will not supply reactive, unstable or poisonous samples to anyone, unless I personally know you. I am not a sample dealer  I will however help anyone who needs something find it. Sometimes I can trade a safe sample for other items. Thank you for your intrest!  I hope that this site is helpful and I hope everyone is safe!

Have a great day!