Hello Everyone!
Sorry Its been a while since writing. I have had a bit of difficulty with the net and Yola, Hopefully that is solved! as the time went by I managed to obtain some choice samples. 300Grams of 99.99 Molybdenum plate with a nice rainbow of color from the piece's past use. I have also bought a very inexpensive item, a seized molecular vacuum motor with nice blades, I am working on this now, I plan on building a vacuum chamber to do work with rare earth elements! I have a nice chunk of high grade Niobium on the way!
In the last week I pondered the creation of a crystalline Iodine ingot. I have been doing various experiments and found acetone will evaporate an leave behind black crystalline materials. I also see that heat and cold could work too. If I can find the correct set up gas deposition may make stunning little ingots. I would estimate completing this project in 7 days.  Certainly I will do my best to keep my blog running, and post photos and new Information.