Hello everyone!
I just added new photos of cool elements for all the collectors and students who visit my site. Today I received a small package with various elements. Dysprosium in a nice chunk form. I photographed beautiful Thulium and Lutetium samples. These elements are scarce!. I also got my hands on Scandium element, which I added to the collection of pictures. I have also collected element Tungsten, and Vanadium. The Vanadium sample had some corrosion, but still made a great picture. The Tungsten ribbon made for a good sample for my collection.
I have a Boron sputter target to add in, as well as Fiesta ware with orange Uranium oxide UO3. Those two element samples are great collector items. I am working on 6 new Uranium salts, and 3 new Thorium salts, as a fellow collector and chemist has been supplying samples of these in fantastic quality. Colors that Fiesta would envy!!!
I also took better photos of Sodium, and Lithium metal samples. These elements are hard to get shots of, as they oxidize almost instantly. I took a new Potassium at the request of a collector friend.He egged me on and I finally took the Potassium sample out of the jar!..
I am doing research on the Hafnium controversy right now, and studying the isotope they were looking into. I am quite interested in this element, and have a few good pictures of Hafnium on the web. The isotope can emit gamma rays when triggered with other energy, 1 gram seems to equal 660 pounds of TNT, pretty potent stuff.
I am hoping tomorrow I can work on Tantalum, and Tungsten. I have a deal in the works for a Tantalum rod from China. That would add a serious chunk into my collection of elements, and make a great photo!
That's it for now.