Hello everyone!.
I have managed to get the new photos of ore samples loaded up, new mineral samples, and new pure element samples. I used various Uranium and Thorium ore samples to depict heavy rare elements such as Actinium, Astatine, Protactinium, and Radon. I also loaded some new minerals Boron, Vanadium, Calcium, Mercury.
New elements include Uranium, Thorium, and Tantalum!!!
I plan on buying a new manual focus camera and someday will retake photos of all the elements samples of the collection of elements. I am happy to have this free site running for people who enjoy it. Building a free educational and interesting website is a joy for me, especially with the positive feedback I am receiving. I thank you for the feed back and patience while I slowly complete the heavy metals.
I am now working to sell coins on EBay to fund a few mega element samples, I have a deal to get a 99.9% pure Titanium chunk. The dimensions are 85mm diameter 210mm long, and 5+ Kilos. and promised to be perfect!. I hope this works out!
I also am now actively seeking Tellurium. and native Tellurium. I hope to photo the elements and also recast the Tellurium for a special effect. Thank you for visiting the periodic table of elements for dorks collection and photo gallery!