Hello everyone!
I just made a small deal to receive a polished slab of meteorite with Pallasite. This piece is really cool, it is made of Iron and Nickel.There is crystals of olivine  and peridot within the piece, the slab looks like super shiny Swiss cheese with gem stones. I am excited and might have to take some Gold coins and melt them down and make a necklace of this awesome piece. The Piece comes from the mid west and was a meteor thought to hit earth 20,000 years or so ago. I have been eyeballing some other meteor slabs, cut slices that have a unbelievable pattern known as widmanstatten in the Iron nickel material. The slabs are etched and reveal something so amazing I of course need to get a piece! I also have a buddy in Hong Kong who might send a 1 pound rock, which is a meteor piece. I of course plan on cutting it into halves and investigate for my self what could be hiding inside.
Spring is here! so soon I plan on a small Gold panning expedition. I will write and let you know how that "Pan's out" har har.
Take care and be safe!