Hello everyone!
Recently I was asked about collecting radioactive and other hazardous elements. I have some small samples of the elements in question. Part of the question was "is it possible to obtain a radio sample?" the other part of the question is about handling and storage, and which types of samples are "more dangerous".

first lets talk about  the most well known radio-element Uranium, getting a legitimate sample is as easy as going to an antique shop. Uranium can be found in Vaseline glass, UV glow marbles  and vintage Fiesta ware. These items have a radio signature but are relatively safe, but unnecessary handling should still be avoided.
Some other items one can obtain in very small quantities are oxides and salts, These chemicals will be powders or crystals and dangerous if handled directly.  A few  reliable dealers on EBay  and a few select websites cater to element collectors, but these materials must be stored and handled in a safe manner. The ultimate element sample is always the pure one, and Uranium metal can be purchased in small amounts on websites, and again EBay, expect to pay very high prices. Pure U238 is radioactive, and emits mostly alpha and beta radiation. The material should not be handled directly and should be stored in a safe place. Honestly, any powdered salt or crystal is more of a contamination threat than a pure piece of Uranium metal, this is because these powders  are water soluble, and can stick onto your skin, and also powders can be inhaled, and alpha emitters are very destructive to soft tissue.
U238 is a pure natural metal of Uranium. It is illegal to possess any quantity of materials that have been enhanced or isotopes that have fission capabilities. Only very tiny amounts of pure metal can be possessed, for research or collection.

One of the most dangerous ways to collect Uranium is Uranium ore. Uranium ore can be bought or found, depending where you live. and some ores are very powerful and have other isotopes in the rocks, millions of years of spontaneous fission can create isotopes with gamma decay, I have a piece of ore, and it is by far the strongest radio emitter I own, I have opened this once for photo, and it is kept in a lead box wrapped in lead, It emits alpha beta and gamma. It is many times more active than U metal. If you are thinking about a Uranium sample, glass and ceramics are a safer choice.
Remember NEVER remove a sealed sample of radioactive elements. Always wear gloves and mask when handling any containers or samples, Always keep samples Locked up, in a safe place  and Labeled!

There are more elements with radio signatures, I will write more on these soon.
Thanks, and take care!