Scandium Element Number 21 Sc 

2 large pieces of scandium, weight is only 17 grams!

Sc 21 metal   AW: 44.9559  MP: 2806  BP: 5136 D: 2.98  

Scandium Is the first element in group 3 and is the first  transitional metal. The transitional metals can be defined as elements with an incomplete d sub-shell, or inner shell. also we could call them d-block metals. Scandium is frequently added into the "Rare Earth" metals.

Scandium is a light metal with a nice yellowish tone. I have usually read it is silvery white, yet my samples all have a more yellowy appearance. Scandium is expensive, and if I remember not very much  of pure Sc is produced per year.  It is one of my favorite elements, maybe because it is so rare.

Scandium is rather difficult to produce in pure form because it is generally a trace element in minerals. Sc is the 35th most abundant element in the earths crust, it is more common in the sun, Scandium is created in supernovas.

Scandium has few uses, it is used in Aluminum alloys to make bikes, baseball bats, and aerospace components. It is used in certain lights such as high intensity bulbs. Scandium is used on Russian submarines as missile tips to punch through ice.

Scandium has only one natural stable Isotope Sc45 and has 13 radio isotopes, one of which is used in the oil industry. The metal is considered non toxic.

Titanium Element Number 22 Ti 

Pieces of pure Titanium including a massive rod and beautiful Titanium Iodite crystal rod chunks.

Ti 22 metal,  AW: 47.867  MP:3034  BP: 5949  D:4.5  mohs: 6

 Titanium Is a silvery metal, strong and light. Titanium is the 9th most abundant element  in the earths crust. Titanium is very strong and resists attack of many acids and chlorine gas.

Titanium is kinda hard to process, so it is a bit expensive. It is used in aerospace parts and turbines of jet engines because of its light weight and strength. Titanium will not react with the body, and is a popular metal for bone replacements, and parts .Sometimes Titanium is used in jewelry, and buildings.

Titanium Dioxide  is used in a  well known pigment called Titanium white. Titanium nitride coating is used in cutting tools, such as a nice pair of scissors in the second photo.

Military applications of Titanium include armor, missile parts landing gear, engines,  small arms, and the USSR had used it to make submarines.

I have cut Ti metal to produce small pure samples, it is very hard to cut with anything I have. In the end a hand saw won out because it was less dangerous, as the electric saw blades heat up to much, and the abrasives simply broke up.


 This pair of scissors is coated with Titanium Nitride, giving the surface a pretty color, and keeping the blades sharp.