Manganese Element Number 25 Mn

 This small flake of Manganese is 99.95%  pure. The surface texture is a result of process with electricity. If this flake is placed in white vinegar it would react, and the Oxide would be stripped, with very active  bubbling leaving a grey bare metal.

 Manganese metal is the 12th most abundant in the crust. This metal has some important industrial uses. It is not found as a native metal and usually found in minerals, the major one being Pyrolusite.

The major uses of Manganese is in steel alloys and Aluminum alloys. These uses are exclusive to Manganese and there are no comparable substitutes.

Other uses include batteries, pigment, and anti knock octane booster for gasoline.  Manganese can be found as about 9% of the wartime nickels of the early 1940's

Manganese is an important element for all life. plants utilize it in photosynthesis in chloroplasts, and enzymes in animals. Manganese oxide is found in the ocean bottom with Iron oxides in micro pellets, suspected to be the work of Manganese Iron fixing organisms.

Manganese  is a beautiful metal when in pure electrowinning chunks, it is unfortunate I currently do not posses this material.

 Manganese chunk 98.8%  has an odd oxidation layer with iridescence

 Mn 25 metal, AW:54.9380,  MP:2275,  BP:3742,  D:7.21,  Mohs:6.0

 Iron Element Number 26 Fe

Pure Iron chunks with a beautiful shine and texture.

 Fe 26 metal,  AW:55.845,  MP: 2800,  BP:5182,  D: 7.87,  Mohs:4

This is a technical element sample of Iron, I usually don't collect these items.

Below are two types of meteorites, one is pallasite Iron with olivine crystal the other is Iron Nickel meteor with a special pattern in the metal  

Iron! a very important element used in our everyday industrialized world  It is the 4th most abundant in the crust of the earth. The core of our planet is a solid core of Iron-Nickel with a molten layer surrounding it. Without this Fe-Ni core we may not have a protective magnetic field around our planet and be cooked by solar radiation.

Iron is important to our bodies, and forms red blood cells, our blood is red because of the Iron in the hemoglobin.  Anemia is a disease caused by Iron deficiency, and some people require Iron supplements.

I will be quite brief in talking about Iron as a metal, and mention it as cast iron, steel, wrought Iron, alloys such as stainless steel. This element is found everywhere around us and one of the most important in modern industry. It has been used for thousands of years by man.

Iron is a star killing element. As Hydrogen fuses into heavier elements in stellar nucleosynthesis in giant hot stars, a chain of elements form. As these elements progress into heavier elements they produce energy that helps power the star, later as the process hits Ni56 a change happens, the energy is being absorbed, and Ni56 decays to Co 56 and finally stable Iron 56.  As Iron becomes the final element in the chain it begins to form an Iron core. This core will begin to produce massive gravity, and as the gravity overpowers fusion the star will collapse and supernova. The supernova its self will form the heavier elements beyond Iron when the energy released from the detonation bonds nuclei.

According to the International resource panel 2200KG of processed iron is in use for each person on the planet.