Niobium Element Number 41 Nb

 Niobium is a pretty blueish metal similar to Tantalum and sometimes called Columbium. Niobium is the 33rd most abundant element in the crust. The first discovery of Niobium happened in England in 1801, It was found in a mineral shipped over from Massachusetts years before.

Niobium has some really cool uses, because of Niobium's ability to form superconducting alloys it can be used in magnetic resonance Imaging machines, and also the Hadron Collider and the  International Thermonuclear Experimental reactor uses tons of Niobium.

Electron beam parts are made from pure single crystal Niobium, and Bolometers use a compound of Nb. Niobium is used in capacitors, like Tantalum, and used in some collectible coins.

Niobium has a major role in steel alloys, and also alloys used in rocket parts. I have various samples of Niobium, and on of my most prized element samples is a large 8 pound pure niobium part with an application unknown to me.

 A rather heavy piece of Niobium plate. Now in possession of a fellow collector in Italy.

Nb 41 Metal,  AW:94.90638  MP:4491  BP:8571  D:8.57   Mohs:6.0 

This awesome  item was sold on EBay, and I had doubted it to be Niobium, testing proved it to be better than 99.95% and it weighs in at 7.9 pounds!!!

I would assume this to be an expansion tube in some exotic chemical plant, or space craft part. I am very happy to have won this item!!!


Molybdenum Element Number 42 Mo  

Molybdenum or Moly from here on,  Is a silver gray refractory metal, with a very high melting point. The element is extracted primarily from Molybdenite.

Molybdenum is used in steel alloys for various reasons, Molybdenum alloys can with stand high heat, and corrosion resistant. Use is armor plating dates back to WWI. Heating elements can be made from pure or alloys of Moly. Some people are familiar with the stainless steel Chrome-Moly.

TZM is a super alloy  with corrosion resistance to molten salts, and used in Fluorine Lithium Beryllium salt reactors. Molybdenum  can be used in cutting tools in similar applications as Tungsten. Molybdenum crucibles are used in various chemical and crystal growth applications because of Molybdenum's high melt point. Other high heat applications exist for Molybdenum.

Molybdenum is used sometimes in engine parts such as piston rings. Molybdenum can be used in applications similar to graphite in lubrication. Molybdenum might be used in self lubricating composites.

Molybdenum has an important history in the evolution of life, Molybdenum dissolved in sea water helps certain organisms that can fix Nitrogen. Moly is also important to certain enzymes in the human body.

Mo99 is the parent isotope of Tc99, a gamma emitting  radioisotope used in medical imaging.

Zone refined molybdenum bar, this weighs 200 grams and is about 6" long. the purity on this bar is 99.995% The bar has interesting texture, due to the beam melting the bar.

 Mo 42 Metal,  AW:95.94  MP:4753  BP:8382  D:10.28  Mohs:5.5