Technetium Element Number 43 Tc

One pound + of Uranium ore, Technetium can occur as a spontaneous  fission product in Uranium ores, There could be Technetium atoms somewhere inside this ore! I will never know for sure but I like to believe there is so I can think of my Technetium slot to be filled.

Tc  43 AW:98  D:11.0 MP:3915  BP:7709  Radioactive 

Technetium is basically a man made element, at any given time the element could be in some Uranium ore as spontaneous  fission products in super small amounts. Some red giant stars  have spectrum lines showing Technetium is present, (Technetium stars). Technetium is a radioactive element with no stable isotopes. The element kinda looks like Ruthenium from photos I have seen on the web. I once saw a book titled "Technetium in duckweed" I would guess that is a study of duckweed and an occurrence of Technetium, could prove interesting.

Technetium is mainly a byproduct of U235 and Pu239 fission in reactors and detonations, making this wonderful element simply nuclear waste. Back in the good-ole-days, reprocessed Tc was dumped into the ocean.  now it is a hassle because of Tc99 disposal is difficult, due to its issue binding with rocks and dirt, it doesn't do this very well, so the Technetium just flows around in ground water.

If you were bored and like Ruthenium, you could change Tc99 with neutrons to Tc100 and then watch as it beta decays to Ru100. once that "cools off" you can make Ru plated  cuff links!!  As soon as I have some spare time and a gazillion dollars I was thinking of doing this.

Tc99m (Technetium99 meta)is used in medicine as a tracer because it is a gamma emitter with a short 6 hour half life, then it is simply decays to nuclear waste Tc99. because this element is radioactive, its other potential uses are not really a good idea. That's all I can say about this element I have never seen in person.

 Ruthenium Element Number 44 Ru

Small gas vapor transport Ruthenium crystals, 5.1 grams, these are beautiful crystals. These were created by my friend in Italy and have high purity.

Ru 44  AW:101.07  D:12.45  MP:4233  BP:7502  Mohs:6.5 

Ruthenium is a shiny precious metal in the same group as Platinum. Ruthenium is the 74 th most abundant element in the crust, making this element very rare.  Ruthenium has a pretty low cost in comparison to some of the other precious metals. 

Ruthenium can be used to enhance other metals, platinum and Palladium can be alloyed with Ruthenium  to increase hardness. A few other metals can be alloyed with Ruthenium as well.

Ruthenium is used as plating for fine eye wear, pens, and jewelry and other stuff. My first sample of Ruthenium was a set of plated cuff links, I have given those away after finding these awesome crystals.

Ruthenium can form some useful compounds used in industries such as solar, catalysis in refineries, and micro chips.

Ruthenium is a product of fission of U235, and could be produced by processing reactor material. The problem is the Ruthenium isotope would have to "cool" or decay a few half lives. This is so complex that it really isn't worth it, but its really cool.