Rhodium Element Number 45 Rh

This 1 gram bullion coin is pure Rhodium. Rhodium is very expensive, and one company The Cohen Mint produced these as a way to purchase the metal for investment. These coins cost far more than global spot today.

Rh 45  AW:102.90550  D:10.7  MP:3567  BP:6683  Mohs:6.0 

 Rhodium is a very rare, hard element normally found in the ores with Platinum. Rhodium is very resistant to most acids, oxidation  and corrosion Rhodium is called a noble metal, because of its inert chemical properties in pure form.

There are a few important uses for Rhodium. In the auto industry some catalytic converters contain Rhodium in a ceramic core, and used as a reflector in headlights. Because Rhodium has a high reflective quality the metal is used in certain lights and mirrors.

Rhodium is a popular plating material for jewelery and other fine items such as pens and sun glass frames. Rhodium is used in jewelery as an alloy as well.

Rhodium can be used in the nuclear industry, in neutron detectors. Rhodium is a by product of U235 fission, and like Ruthenium could be harvested from spent fuel, this is complex and isotopes of Rhodium would require cooling, or time for a number of  half-life decay series.

Palladium Element Number 46 Pd 

Palladium is a soft ductile precious metal belonging to the Platinum group or PGM's. Like many PGM's Palladium is a silvery shiny metal that can be extracted from Platinum ores.

Palladium's main use is in catalytic converters with Rhodium and platinum. Like Platinum and Rhodium, Palladium is used in jewelery, as an alloy agent, and primary metal. The electronics industry is a large consumer  of Palladium, it can be used in ceramic capacitors.

Palladium is one of the common bullion metals along with Gold, Silver, and Platinum. Palladium can be found in bullion bars, and The USSR minted the popular ballerina coin of Palladium. The US mint can now mint Palladium coins as bullion.

Palladium is used for photography, some rare musical instruments, electrical contacts, and dental applications. Palladium is also used in purifying and storage of Hydrogen, as the metal can absorb 900 times its volume of Hydrogen gas.

 These are small pieces of pure Palladium, and weigh about 2.6 grams combined. they are much more brilliant in person, as Palladium has a shine similar to Platinum.

Pd  46  AW:106.42  D:12.02   MP: 2830  BP:5365  Mohs:4.75