Rhenium  Element Number 75 Re

Here is a typical 35 gram pellet of Rhenium and is 99.995% pure. This came from a company in Hong Kong that specializes in Rhenium, and Rhenium  alloys and compounds. When held in hand you can feel the amazing density of this element.

Re 75 metal AW:186.207  D:21.02  MP:5767  BP:10105 (highest BP) Mohs: 7.0 

 Rhenium is the element with the highest boiling point of all elements, and the third highest melting point and fourth densest. Rhenium has a wide range of Oxidation states, from -1 to +7.  While writing about the elements titles, it is also ranks 77 in abundance, one of the rarest stable metals.

Rhenium is used in the manufacture of jet engines in super high heat  alloys, this accounts for about 70% of its uses. It is one of the most expensive industrial metals, and last time I checked it was selling at 4600 USD a kilo on 2/18/2012.

 Rhenium can also be used as a catalysts in refining industries. The catalysts can remove some materials and convert low octane fuel to high octane fuel. 

Rhenium is valuable for Tungsten alloy, and improves Tungsten's workability.  Alloys are another use of Rhenium. Super exotic alloys with various resistance to extreme conditions exist. Rhenium usually is sold  in a sintered pellet, 35 gram pellets like mine are popular, and on Ebay you can buy one for 3x its value. Ouch.

Rhenium has a few useful radio isotopes, and they are used to treat liver cancers, Re186 and Re188. Re187 is a low energy beta emitter 2.6KeV which is pretty low energy, it is used in ore dating. Rhenium samples can be found in flash bulbs from the 60's made by General Electric.

Osmium Element Number 76 Os 

 Osmium is the densest natural element, and has the fourth highest melting point.  Osmium is a PGM  or Platinum group metal and found in Platinum ores, and can also be found in a native form and in  an alloy  called Osmiridium.  Osmium is a beautiful blue element with a brilliant shine. It is extremely brittle and hard.

Osmium can be found in a few common items, or at least common a few decades ago. One use is phonograph needles and  another use is in fountain pen nibs. electrical contacts  can also contain Osmium, but not contacts found in a common home.

Compounds of Osmium are toxic and this hinders Osmium's uses. Finger print detection, and microscope staining are a few Osmium compound uses. At one point the space shuttle had reflective mirrors with Osmium coatings, but these failed in the conditions of orbit.

Osmium has a trait like Palladium, Osmium can absorb Hydrogen atoms in very high amounts. The Hydrogen atoms will fill in the spaces between the Osmium atoms.

Osmium is one of my favorite elements, although I do not have much of this metal, my samples are of gas vapor deposit crystals. Osmium is such a beautiful blue tinted metal and so amazingly heavy I always have a fondness for the metal.


 Os 76 metal  AW:190.23  D:22.59 (densest)  MP:5491  BP:9054  Mohs:7.0

These Osmium crystals were created using gas vapor transport. The crystals are difficult to photo they are so tiny, these 2 pieces combined weigh 4 grams.