Nitrogen Element Number 7 N

 Below is a spectral discharge tube of pure Nitrogen.

 N  7 gas    BP:  -320F   MP: -346F    D@BP: .808gr

AW: 14.0067 

 Nitrogen is a gas, it makes up 78% of the atmosphere! like Carbon and Oxygen Nitrogen is life essential, and key element in amino acids, DNA and RNA. It is the fourth most abundant element in the human body.

Nitrogen is an element that has several  allotropes, or varieties of the atom. Nitrogen forms many compounds. in general most of us would be familiar with Nitric acid, nitrous oxide, and pure  liquid nitrogen, which is used as a cryogen (super cold). Nitrogen is also found in pollution, poisonous NO2!  some people find Nitrous Oxide to be funny, but NO2 is no joke.

The Nitrogen in the air is in a form plants and animals can not utilize, Nitrogen can be "fixed" by certain bacteria which can make it usable for plants, there is a very complex cycle of Nitrogen from the atmosphere, to fixed form, used by life, then broken down and re enters the atmosphere. this cycle depends on bacteria to work. without Nitrogen fixing bacteria we would not be able to use the Nitrogen.

Nitrogen is used in fertilizers, explosives, rocket fuel, medicines, and others. Nitrogen can be fixed with chemistry, making ammonia, which can also be used by plants.

Oxygen Element Number 8 O

 Oxygen is yet another gas element at normal temperatures, Oxygen holds the title of Earths most abundant element! Life depends on Oxygen to exist we drink it and breath it all our lives!

In the air Oxygen is a diatomic molecule which means 2 atoms make up the molecule, it has no color or odor, and makes up about 20% of the air we breath, Oxygen has a cycle, like Nitrogen and Carbon, Plants create Oxygen and absorb Carbon Dioxide, animals breath the Oxygen and exhale CO2. water molecules are made up of H2O or 1 part Oxygen and 2 parts Hydrogen.

Oxygen is found in many places, and rocks are no exception, when I think of Oxygen I think of air, water, or cutting torches, but not rocks. The Earths crust has  massive amounts of Oxygen in countless compounds. some 45% or so.

Our bodies need Oxygen to function, our blood carries it through the body and it keeps our bodies working. It also hydrates us in water. Oxygen also feeds combustion, with out it normal fire could not burn, the fuels we burn need Oxygen to feed the flames.  many fossil fuel exhausts contain Carbon monoxide a poisonous compound.

Oxygen is the element in reference to Oxidation, some know this as rust, when Iron Oxidizes, when Oxygen combines with other elements the compounds are called Oxides. One popular compound is H2O2 or Hydrogen Peroxide which can be used for many things such as bleaching your hair, brushing your teeth or help remove odors and stains.

Oxygen in liquid form is a beautiful blue, it is liquid at -360F and boils to a gas at -297F that's pretty cold. Ozone is also blue when it is in liquid form, Ozone is one of my favorite Oxygen molecules! Ozone in the upper atmosphere is important for the Earths protective layers, and a good thing, on the other hand, Ozone down here where we live is a pollutant. Ozone is a triatomic, diamagnetic molecule (O3), when high voltage discharges into the air, it can create Ozone, such as lightening, Tesla coils, and also plate Ozone generators, I have created byproduct  Ozone with experiments with Tesla coils and other HV devices. Ozone has a short lifespan but is a super oxidizer and can be damaging to the body . If you smell Ozone, Its too much! get to fresh air!


Below is a photo of Oxygen spectral discharge tube ignited with 2200v note the cool colors off to the sides. Oxygen is the most abundant element on earth!

O 8  gas non metal,   BP:  -297.31F  MP: -361.82  D@ BP: 1.141gr  AW:15.9994