Gold Element Number 79 Au

 Au 79 metal AW:196.966569  D:19.30  MP:1947  BP:5173  Mohs:2.5

 These 22K Gold coins are from various empires, Two of them are Byzantine empire coins, and quite valuable. Three of the coins depict Jesus Christ, and those coins are Venetian ducats. These coins are mentioned in the tragic comedy, "The Merchant Of Venice",  written by William Shakespeare

I dont know anyone who is unaware of Gold and Gold's  value.  Gold is proably one of the most sought after materials on earth for its beauty and value. Gold has historicly been a standard of wealth. Gold coins and bullion were used to base currency for many nations. These days gold is still part of the monetary system of the globe, but far more goes into a modern day standard value.

Gold as an element has some important traits. Gold is an excellent conductor, and is used to coat pins and contacts in air bag circuts, fast computers and other high speed connections. Gold has the abiltiy to be hammered so thin the thickness can be measured in atoms and used as both decorative and industrial coating.

Gold can form a few significant compounds, one of these is a mercury amalgam, generally used to fill cavities in teeth, more so in the past. Fear of Mercury poisoning has caused many to choose other materials for cavity filler. Gold is used to modify hardness and melting point of other metals. Gold also is used to create coloring in glass, photos, and also other metals.

Gold has a reflective quality and when deposited un thin film used as coating in visors of space suits, IR reflectors and some laser mirrors. Gold can be dissolved in Aqua regina but not nitric acid, which is the material used to test Gold

Gold can be used in cancer treatment as isotpe 198 Gold only has one natural stable isotope 197 Au and somewhere around 32 manmade isotopes. 

the estimated total of current Gold in human possesion is 5.5 billion troy ounces. 50% of that is used in jewlery markets, 40% as investment and the remainder is used in industry. Gold is considered by some to be the root of all evils.

Mercury Element Number 80 Hg 

 Mercury Is The only metal which is Liquid in normal conditions, it is a very heavy silver metal. Mercury is a toxic element but can easily be found in many homes. When I was younger Mercury was available in High School and we used to hold the metal and play with it in bare hands. Most elements are not physically available these days to HS students.

Mercury was known in Roman times, and some mines the Romans used are still in production today! Most Mercury is extracted from a mineral cinnabar, and was used for pigments back in the day. Mercury was also once used factually still is for medicines, (US vaccines) Mercury can form amalgams (Mercury alloys) with other metals, Gold and Silver dental fillings are made with Mercury I have 3 of these myself. Mercury was also used to extract gold from sand in panning, later the Mercury was heated out leaving a Gold sponge.

Mercury was Used in Thermometers, switches in thermostats and other gauges. the metal makes a good switch, a bead of Mercury can cause a contact, so it is used like a level bead. Mercury can also be found in vapor lamp bulbs. Because Mercury forms many amalgams it will attack many metals, Mercury will attack Aluminum and is interesting to see in slow-motion.

Mercury has been used in ion engines for space probes, made into fountains, used currently in cosmetics, vapor engines nuclear reactor coolant, electrical applications, medicines and medical devices. fishing lures to create movements. Insecticides, chemicals, treating felt for hats. Hat makers got sick and went "mad" from exposure to Mercury thus "mad as a hatter" came to life. Batteries contained Mercury  and now-so do light bulbs, This element was  used in many meds, and gold processing, as well as timber treatments.

Mercury is toxic and half of the atmospheric Mercury is released by humans, volcanoes release the other half. Mercury is used in many lights in very small amounts. If Mercury spills it is best to use a card to pool it and draw it into an eye dropper, Sulfur or a powdered metal that forms amalgams could be sprinkled on the spill. Sweeping or vacuuming is not a good idea.

Mercury is a rare element, but because of the metal's behaviors, it is found in high concentrations in some areas. Native Mercury exists, but rare, It can be found on minerals.

 Red cinnabar crystal on dolomite. cinnabar is the primary mineral of mercury. This mineral can be ground and pressed into a solid for carving, or used as pigments. popular in China.





Mercury Vapor Lamp  

This small vial of Mercury is remarkably heavy. This element is poisonous, and must not be handled without proper knowledge of Mercury's nature.

I do not have a proper space with proper safety measures to photo Mercury outside its sealed vial at this time. Hopefully in the near future I can set that up.

Hg 80 metal AW:200.59  MP:37.89 BP:674.11