Francium Element Number 87 Fr

Fr 87   D: 1.87  MP: 80  BP:1250  AW:223 half life 22 minutes. (The temperatures are calculated)

 Francium occures in Uranium and Thorium ore. The rate of 1 atom per 10 to the 18th power. there is between 20 - 30 grams of Francium on earth at any given moment. Is there any Francium atoms in this Thorium ore?


Radium Element Number 88 Ra 

A Radium painted clock face. The hands and numbers have radioactive paint, Ra226 with a phosphor, (usually Silver activated Zinc Sulfide) This will glow strong under UV light. Most of the phosphor has been destroyed by alpha radiation. 

Ra 88 metal D:5.5  MP:1292  BP:3159  unstable AW:226 half life 1601 years