Americium Element Number 94 Am

Americium is the only radioactive material you can buy at most department, hardware and grocery stores. The inside of  a common household smoke detector reveals the Ion chamber housing where a tiny foil of Am 241 is located, this material emits alpha radiation, and smoke disrupts the detector sending off the alarm. Alpha radiation can be stopped with a sheet of paper and skin, but consuming this material is very destructive to the body.

This is a display of Americium foil, seen in the very center. Americium is an alpha particle source and this can be used to check a radiation meter, and also as a source for scintillation projects with Zinc Sulfide. This sample contains a 1 micro  curie source,  same as a standard ion smoke detector.

 Am 94 metal   AW:243  D:12  MP:2149  BP:4725  unstable half life 7370 years.

Curium Element Number 95 Cm

Cm 95 metal  AW:247   D:13.51   MP:2444  BP:5630  unstable half life 1.56x10 to the 7th years